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Guidelines for Grant Applications for Charities and Community Groups

MidasPlus provides grants and donations to charities and community groups for to assist them in the delivery of their objectives and to help them with their own fundraising events and activities. MidasPlus does not support running costs.

Those Who are Eligible for a Grant

  • Grants can be made to registered charities and constituted community groups.
  • Charities must be registered with the Charity Commission.
  • Charities and community groups must operate within our area of benefit – South Middlesex and North Surrey borders and the surrounding areas (East Berkshire). See map at Please note that our main focus is on people in the Boroughs of Spelthorne & Runnymede.

Those who are not eligible for a grant

  • Individuals (please apply using the Grant Application for Individuals)
  • Charities and organisations outside the Surrey and Middlesex counties
  • Charities not registered with the Charity Commission (other than some exempt charities)
  • Organisations or projects outside the Surrey and Middlesex counties.
  • Charities or organisations that are deemed to hold funds in excess of their requirements

PLEASE NOTE: We do not donate towards running/ongoing costs so we cannot contribute funds to be spent on the normal running of an organisation. 

Guidelines for Grants

MidasPlus gives grants principally in the following areas:

  • Children & Youth Opportunities
  • Disability
  • Elderly
  • Families
  • Health
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Mental Health
  • Social Welfare
  • Vulnerable People

Grants are NOT normally given for:

  • Activities that are primarily the responsibility of central or local government
  • Animal welfare
  • The arts
  • The environment
  • Political objectives

Size of Grants

MidasPlus typically provides grant funding of up to £1,000 although larger sums may be considered depending on the number of beneficiaries or the difference the grant will make to the individuals benefiting from the grant.
Funding is usually granted for a one-off project although charities and community groups may reapply each year for funding.

Grant Application Procedure

To apply to MidasPlus for a grant, a charity or community group must complete the application form. The form can be downloaded here or you can send an email requesting a form to

Applications may be submitted to at any time throughout the year. Applications will be acknowledged upon receipt of the completed application form and a decision is typically given within 4 weeks.