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Guidelines for Grant Applications for Individuals

MidasPlus provides grants and donations to individuals with physical or learning disabilities who are experiencing difficult circumstances. This may be because of low income and poor health.

To be able to apply you must:

  • live within our area of benefit – South Middlesex and North Surrey borders and the surrounding areas (East Berkshire). See map at Please note that our main focus is on people in the Boroughs of Spelthorne & Runnymede
  • have lived in the area of benefit for at least 6 months (this does not necessarily have to have been at the same address).
  • have been granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK.
  • he able supply a letter of support from your GP confirming hardship, need or distress.

You will not be able to apply if you:

  • are planning to move out of our area of benefit.
  • have received grants in the past.

What can you apply for?

You can make an application for the purchase of a specific item or service.

We do not make grants to:

pay for general living costs or ongoing costs.
pay off debts.
buy floor coverings of any type (unless there are very exceptional circumstances).
buy non-essential items.

Most applications are typically for an amount under £500. However, the Trustees will consider requests for more than this amount in particular circumstances.

How to apply

  • download the application form answering all sections as fully as possible
  • return your completed application form with all supporting documents to

When will my application be considered?

Your application will be acknowledged as soon as it has been received and you should expect to hear the outcome of your application within 4 weeks.