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Therapy for a rape victim

This was a referral from a Spelthorne based Outreach Worker:

“The Lady has suffered severe domestic violence and abuse, and with support and advice has now escaped the abuser and is making amazing changes for herself and her two small children. 

When I first worked with her she was suffering from crippling anxiety and barely able to leave the home. She has come on leaps and bounds and the family are a true success story. However she is in desperate need of specialist counselling/therapy for rape and sexual assault.

She has been referred to the Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (RASASC) for specialist trauma therapy in this area, but unfortunately the waiting list is very long. She has been waiting for nearly a year, and when I spoke to them they suggested maybe more than a year still to wait. I have explored every other possible service in the area, and surrounding areas, and unfortunately RASASC is the only one available to her. The only other possibility that was suggested by RASASC is that those who can afford it pay for private counselling. Unfortunately as a single mum of two small children aged 2 and 3, on universal credit, she is currently not able to fund this herself.

I have spoken to the mum involved and she is going to consider if she can borrow some money from family, but I doubt this would be enough. She actually has very little support from her family- having had a very troubled childhood herself. 

Having supported this family for several months- I can honestly say this is a young lady, really trying to make a change and escape the cycle of generational abuse. She understands what has happened in her life, and is taking positive steps to give her own children a better life. The one thing she cannot get over at the moment is the rape she suffered in her own home, and this is really holding her back. “

We organised the therapy; it has been successful and the Therapist, Sally Howard ( donated her services free of charge in support of MidasPlus.