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Previous Donations

  • We’ve donated 5 fully powered wheelchairs to local disabled people.
  • Taking over 50 adults with severe disabilities & special needs on a week’s holiday to Weymouth or the Isle of Wight is an incredible undertaking for the many wonderful volunteers who are involved; just buying them an ice-cream each day costs £100! MidasPlus raised 50% of the total £15,000 that it cost The Penrose Club.
  • Lindon Bennett is an amazing school for primary age children with severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties as well as severe physical disabilities. Just getting a child ready for the hydro pool can be a heavy and time consuming task. Midasplus have this year donated a shower bed to the school; it makes a huge difference.
  • Carpeting for a very hard-up young mum with twins just at the crawling stage.
  • A new bath and toilet for an elderly man struggling to look after himself.
  • A phone line for an elderly infirm couple.
  • Renovating a hairdressing facility at an old people’s sheltered accommodation.
  • Making a garden safe for a family with a young daughter afflicted with severe down’s syndrome and hyper-activity.
  • Fencing for Heathrow farm who give disabled people riding lessons.
  • 2 new mobility scooters to Staines Shopmobility.