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MidasPlus helped two children needing therapy due to Covid restrictions

1.. A little girl in Year 1, was refusing school and schooling but her teachers believe that outreach Play Therapy with an experienced therapist could be the incentive she needs to reengage with school. This behaviour is almost certainly a symptom of a deeper rooted problem which requires professional exploration. 

2. A local Year 6 boy, due to transition to secondary school this year, who has suffered terrible trauma during lockdown at home – this was so challenging he had to be brought back into school before reopening. He is very emotional and has been exhibiting unusual behaviour such as hiding and locking himself away. 

Each child will receive 12 one-to-one therapy sessions, as well as an initial Play Therapy assessment, two therapy reviews, and two reports. Furthermore, the parents/ carers and teachers of these children will receive support and coaching to support the children towards a positive outcome. The general timescale for this is around 12 weeks, but usually a little longer from the point of assessment to the final session. Additional support for parents/ carers continues beyond the therapy period. If additional support is needed then a subsequent referral can take place.