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MidasPlus provided carpeting for a family living in Spelthorne who not only care for each other but also for their children.

They have 5 children in total aged 6 months to   10 years. The two eldest have global developmental delay and one of them will be undergoing assessment for ASD.

One of the Carers (dad) has multiple health issues including Marfan Syndrome, Lujan Fring Syndrome, Epilepsy, Irregular heartbeat, Sciatica and experiences falls.

The other carer (mum) high anxiety and struggles to go out in the community.

Social services are involved with the adults, however due to history the family struggle to engage with others. The family have had little or no help from any other services until they were referred to us.

They were moved, by the council to the home, but unfortunately the home wasn’t already furnished. We have applied and been granted £300 for white goods to help.

The family have multiple needs and would really benefit from having some carpet in the 3 bedrooms, hallway/stairs and living room as currently they only have floor boards, and this could potentially limit injuries from falls of dad. Ideally we are looking for the whole house to be carpeted or at least the main living areas