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Cake contest
Cake baking contest
Fundraising dinner
Runneymede Hotel
Fundraising cycle challenge
Spinning competition
Fundraising darts contest
Darts tornament

Hold a Cake Making Competition, a Company Dinner, a Spinning Competition or a Darts Match. There are lots of events that companies can hold. See our Do Your own Fundraising page for ideas.

Make a monthly donation or enter our Big Duck race – don’t forget it’s tax deductible.

Please include Midasplus in your CSR.
Midasplus will show you who benefits from your funding.
You can demonstrate to your staff & clients how you work in the local community through newsletters and social media.
MidasPlus publicise your support.

Please run an event to support our local charity? – remember that all funds raised go to local needy people.

Or support one of our events.