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The Small Duck Race Rules

  1. The event will be organised by the trustees and helpers of MidasPlus Fundraising.
  2. Small plastic ducks will be floated down the river, commencing in the River Colne from the Church Street Bridge and continuing on into the River Thames and finishing at the Memorial Gardens. The event date and start time will be on the MidasPlus Website.
  3. People will be given the opportunity to purchase a small pre-numbered plastic duck for £2 and to enter it into the race.The duck remains the property of MidasPlus Fundraising at all times. Purchasers of ducks will receive a ticket on which the number of the duck will be printed. This ticket should be retained as it will be required to claim any prize.
  4. A prize will be awarded to the duck that floats down the river(s) within the set boundaries and reaches the finishing point first.
  5. This is an event aimed at raising money for charity. Those buying and entering ducks need to accept that while the organisers will endeavour to ensure a fair race, there are a number of circumstances in which an element of luck will favour a winning duck or adversely affect other ducks. In particular:
    1. The organisers will endeavour to place all the ducks in the water at or about the same time and place; however if a duck fails to enter the water appropriately it may have a reduced chance.
    2. Ducks may be carried by the current into the bank or another obstruction
    3. If a group of ducks arrive at the finish together, it may be necessary to select winners and ignore similarly placed ducks
    4. hould there be very little flow on the river or should there be a strong wind the organisers may need to assist some or all of the ducks to proceed to the finish
    5. The organisers have sold ducks that are of the same size and shape. If however, ducks are different, they may display different characteristics and move at different speeds.
  6. In unforeseen circumstances the starting or finishing point, time and/or date of the race could be change.
  7. There may be other unforeseen circumstances In exceptional circumstances it may not be possible to stage the race on the river. In that case a draw will be conducted to ascertain the winners.
  8. The organisers may disqualify any duck that is interfered with by anyone, or for any other reason at their discretion.
  9. Any duck where the allocated number is not clearly visible on the underside of the duck will be disqualified.
  10. The organisers will try to contact the winning owner/s. The names of the winners will be placed on the MidasPlus website and will be submitted to the local press.
  11. The trustees of MidasPlus Fundraising will make other decisions concerning the race and the dispersal of funds.
  12. MidasPlus reserves the right to deduct any costs including the purchasing of the ducks and expenses.
  13. Any prizes not claimed by 31st July will be forfeited by the winners.
  14. Any disputes can be referred to the Trustees of MidasPlus Fundraising. Their decisions are final.
  15. The sale of ducks is arranged under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976. MidasPlus Fundraising has registered with Spelthorne Council for this event, which will be conducted in accordance with the rules set out by the Council.

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