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Application from a family friend

MidasPlus funded one year of intensive physiotherapy for a boy aged 6 from Shepperton who was born with cerebral palsy

This little boy was accepted by Dr Park in America who is the leading expert in the world. He has had a complex operation called “Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy”, which releases the stiffness and spasticity in his legs and allows his feet to be flat enabling him to walk. The operation was a 100% successful. Now he requires professional physiotherapy to build up his strength and teach his body how to walk normally for the first time.

At this stage over £35 thousand pounds has been raised. This substantial amount of money only covers the treatment in America.

He desperately needed help to fund expensive physiotherapy. Unfortunately it was not available on the NHS. The physiotherapy helped him to make the transitions between postures that we all take for granted, as well as improving his standing and walking. Dr Park informed his mother that he would require 2 years of intensive physiotherapy. A year had passed and he required financial support as a one off for the coming year. Without this all the pain and anguish both he and his mother have been through would not make the difference they had both hoped and prayed for.