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CASE STUDIES – Wheelchair

Application direct from the Mother of a disabled child

MidasPlus purchased a basic wheelchair for a 14 year old who does not have a specific diagnosis but has a curvature of the spine, mobility problems and communication difficulties.  

A representative of MidasPlus with comprehensive experience in social care visited the family and met this delightful girl who attends Clarendon School in Hampton.   The situation involved a complex support system as education provided by Richmond Borough and Social Care by Hounslow, this made funding issues complicated.. She has transport to and from school and her Mum confirmed that she has done very well and progressed due to the committed staff at Clarendon.   She does not use a wheelchair at school or in the house but because she has difficulty walking long distances and can be very slow so her parents use a wheelchair when out.

She also has serious communication problems in terms of speech and uses a special machine which is quite heavy.   At the time she has a wheelchair on loan from the Hounslow Wheelchair Service (for one year only). As she has been assessed as not needing a wheelchair all the time, the family have been advised to obtain one from a charity. We telephoned the wheelchair service who confirmed this information.