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Carpets for a man with severe epilepsy

A 60+ year old lady has taken Special Guardianship of 2 of her grandchildren as they were removed from their mother’s care by the local authority. At the time she had her 33 year old son living with her, he had returned home after a horrendous car accident left him with brain damage and severe epilepsy. Social Services told the mother that he had to move out of the family home if she was to be allowed to house the 2 girls as his epilepsy would be upsetting to them and he could hit out whilst having a fit. He is medicated for his epilepsy but this does not fully control his condition and he has a fit at least every day. The likelihood is that these fits will become more severe and more frequent as he gets older.

The son was moved to a Housing Association property but it has been recognised that this is unsuitable as it is a first floor flat with concrete steps to access it and he has fallen a number of times on these steps. He is being moved to a ground floor flat. His mother will pay the removal costs and some other incidentals but cannot afford to buy carpets. Obviously thick carpets are essential because of his regular falls.