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CASE STUDY – Application from Thames Valley Police

MidasPlus bought a new bike for Marcel when he had his stolen. He is 12 years old and has ADHD .

Email from Tim Robins Detective Sergeant, Thames Valley Police

“Marcel lives with his mother in a one room bedsit with his sister. They share a double bed and sofa between them. Despite the small living space she keeps it clean and clearly does her best for her children. To help focus her son, she saved for 6 months and received a £50 donation from her sister to help pay £300 for a bike for him. She said it really helped with his mood and behaviour”.

“I have spoken with him and he is so upset to have had his bike stolen. “

“We have made an arrest but unfortunately did not find the bike. Recovery is highly unlikely. Given her financial situation Marcel’s mother cannot afford contents insurance, even if she did, the excess will likely be more than she could afford in any event. On enquiries yesterday one of my officers saw Marcel running alongside his friend who was riding his bike, when he would normally be riding. It was heartbreaking to see.”

We received thsi email from Ben Walker-Hall, the Detective Constable invoved in the case.

“Marcel  is absolutely delighted with his new bike as you can see from the attached picture! His mother was also incredibly moved by the generosity of your charity and asked me to pass on her thanks. On a personal note, in all my time working for the police I have never been able to assist a victim like this. It is truly down to what you and MidasPlus do, so thank you, being able to do this for Marcel has really made my day!