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A Mobility Scooter for an 87 year old lady

A former civil war nurse who has had to escape her country. She is strong and amazing; yet her legs are letting her down a bit. She is staying at the St. Giles Hotel while her humanitarian/asylum seeking papers come to a resolution. The conditions at the hotel, whilst better than where she came from, are quite intense and stressful as each of those rooms have been filled with whole families from all over the world. She struggles to do basic things independently because of her mobility. She has been lent (with ridiculous conditions) a very rackety wheel chair from Age UK and she cannot propel herself. She has to rely in passers by to give her a hand for breakfast lunch and dinner. This is affecting her mental health and independence too. 

I trust that with a mobility scooter, she will have a few more enjoyable hours in the day and hope that this will bring a small to her face. This will also mean she can rush to help out others when in need. Their circumstances in that place are something else.