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Euro 2020 1st England Goal Challenge!

Euro Challenge – England’s 1st goal was in the 57th minute. The winner guessed 60 minutes. Well done Dan!

Thank you all for your support

Euro 2020 1st England Goal Challenge!

Enter the 1st England Goal Challenge – England v Croatia on Sunday 13th June. Guess the minute from kick off that England score their 1st goal. Entrance is a minimum of £10 per entry – you can enter as many times as you wish. Just put your chosen time in the message section. If you think that England won’t score put in “No score”.

30% of the funds raised will go to the winner(s). So if 120 people enter you could win £360! The winner will have the nearest time. If there is more than one winner the amount will be shared. 70% will go to MidasPlus to help more local needy people. Entries after kick off will be invalid – they will be accepted as donations.

To enter go to Press DONATE, put in your name, email address and in the “your message” section enter the time in minutes when you think the 1st England goal will be scored.