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Easter Bunny Race

Wednesday 31st March 2021 at 5pm

Please enter the MidasPlus VIRTUAL EASTER BUNNY RACE to raise funds so that we can continue to help people locally. Please see our current campaign

To reserve your bunny please go to

Easter Bunny Race

PLEASE RESERVE YOUR EASTER BUNNY NOW as we can only have 100 in the race. They is a minimum of £5 donation per bunny. PLEASE DONATE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! THANK YOU! If you want more than one bunny please state in the comments or email me direct 

As we are unable to hold events during the lockdown and we are coming up to Easter we are holding a virtual Easter Bunny race (as a change from our usual duck race) to raise funds to help LOCAL NEEDY PEOPLE in financial hardship. They may have PHYSICAL or LEARNING DIFFICULTIES or be suffering due to COVID19 and/or lockdown restrictions .

The prize for the winner is a fabulous Easter Hamper full of chocolate goodies.

To reserve your bunny or donate please go to

If you do not want your details on the donation site, please email to let me know the time and amount of your donation and if you want a bunny

Entrants will be emailed with the number of their bunny, a link to watch the race and with the result after the race. The result will also be publicised here and on our Facebook Page @MidasPlus.