Acrylic paints can be used to change the entire color of your duck, or just to add some of your favorite symbols (like a peace sign) to the side, front or back of your duck. Wait for the paint to dry before adding any more decorations. 

Glue jewellery on your duck if you want to make the duck a female. Little fake gems and rhinestones can be placed around the duck's neck to resemble a necklace or on the sides of the duck's head to represent earrings. 

Create an outfit for your duck out of scrap material or even magazine pages. Cut to fit over your duck and attach them with a combination glue/sealer/finish.

You can cut out a cape to make your duck a super hero or a tie to create a businessman type look. Cover the top of the magazine clippings with combination glue/sealer/finish after attaching the bottoms. 

Add sparkle to your rubber duck by placing dots of glue in various places on your rubber duck. Sprinkle glitter over the glue and set the duck aside until the glue dries. Shake excess glitter off over a trash can. 

Attach any other craft supplies that you may have on hand to give your duck the decorative look you desire. You can use pompoms, pipe cleaners, construction paper and stickers. You can place the items randomly or create a pattern with them. 

Supplies available from Hobbycraft, Two Rivers Retail Park, Staines-upon-Thames TW18 4WB