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The Evolution Height-Adjustable Bed with pressure-relieving mattress

Adjustable Bed

Product Description

The Evolution 400k Acute height-adjustable bed with MediPro pressure-relieving mattress enables a patient or nurse to lower the bed via remote control to floor level to allow safe and easy access and to minimise the risk of falls. The pressure-relieving mattress reduces the incidence of pressure sores.


The Need

The majority of our patients are over 75 years old (the oldest is 101!) and can be frail and vulnerable to falls. If a patient falls this can result in serious injury, broken limbs and hospitalisation. A fall can significantly undermine a patient’s confidence, sense of security and dignity. A further significant risk is pressure sores, especially for our less mobile patients and one of our key priorities is to minimise the risk of pressure-sores which can be extremely painful and risk serious infection.



·         This height-adjustable bed can be lowered all the way to the floor if required to enable a patient to get in and out of bed easily and safely, minimising the risk of a fall.

·         This is especially important for our frailer and more vulnerable patients and for those with Dementia, which can impact a patient’s spatial awareness and balance.

·         The bed can also be tilted forward and has a sitting position to allow patients to sit up fully or partially. This provides variety for our patients, especially when too frail to get out of bed and can relieve pressure, also helping to minimise the risk of sores.

·         Adjusting the bed position or using the ‘chair’ setting can also relieve other painful symptoms and breathlessness.





·         The height-adjustable bed could benefit over 200 patients over a 10-year period. The bed will be in almost constant use, as our occupancy is 85% and on some days 100%.

·         The hospice staff benefit from the ease of operation of the bed by remote control and the ability to change the bed settings to support patients’ needs.


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