Please help us to raise funds by providing an item or a service that can be auctioned at the Real Networking Christmas Party on Thursday 6th December. Please make pledges by email to

If you would like to find out more about the event or book a ticket to attend please visit:

MidasPlus is a local registered charity based in Staines-upon-Thames, set up by local people 13 years ago to help local people in need. We raise and distribute funds to community groups and individuals who have nowhere else to turn. We are often their last resort!

Since first established in 2005, MidasPlus has distributed more than £200,000 to worthwhile causes. All the work we do is on a voluntary basis, nobody is paid – all the money raised goes directly to those in need.

How do we help – some examples include:

  • Buying individually designed, powered wheelchairs for several severely disabled adults and children
  • Carpeting a concrete floor for a lady on carer’s support who has 2 children with learning difficulties. Also providing carpeting for an elderly flood victim
  • Funding, alongside a Trust, a Christmas event for seriously ill children
  • Assisting towards a school uniform for a child from a very low income family.
  • Funding to a special needs school to help children with speech difficulties
  • Contributing to adults with severe learning difficulties to enable them to be taken on holiday
  • Financing raised gardens at an old people’s home
  • Purchasing a hoist for a severely disabled child